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HighTop - White Leather - BMX

HighTop - White Leather - BMX

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The 'Hightop' was designed and developed to withstand the abuse of riding BMX, MTB, and skating, while remaining comfortable and stylish. The ankle area is a bit taller than our low-top model Sound to offer more ankle support and protection. It was built with a full-length EVA Mid sole, along with a custom polyurethane insole to be incredibly durable and high-impact resistant. The outsole is 400 NBS rubber for wear resistance, with a Herringbone tread pattern to keep it grippy. It is both glued and stitched around the entire outsole for durability as well, with light padding around the ankle. 

For the MTB Flat build, we add our premium polyurethane insoles to absorb those larger impacts, add stiffer heel counters and toe caps for more protection, along with treating the uppers to make them water-resistant. 

The Clipless version adds our custom mid-shank and cleatnut for exceptional power transfer and walkability, plus all the features of the MTB build.

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